Friday Five 

Here’s five things that have happened since my last blog post….

I’ve started COACHING some marathon runners. So so so fun! I’m pacing for an 8 min/mile pace for the Cowtown Marathon in February, and the group started out with 4 miles on Halloween. I did 16 on my own, getting ready for Rock n’ Roll San Antonio.

Spent the week in Sea Side, Florida with my mama and grandparents! Love me some family night. Running in 90% humidity I do not love so much…. Back to be training back home.

I’ve been trying out some Nike Zoom elites, love them! Shoe review to come. 

Loving this book. And it’s led me to my favorite mantra right now. 

Tomorrow is long run! Who else is going long tomorrow? Favorite book? Mantra? 

Ragnar Relay Recap 

While the rest of Texas was avoiding Patricia this weekend, a few of us crazy runners were running. Ragnar Relay was 120 miles covered by a team of 8 over 24 hours. Each team member runs three legs: 3 miles/5 miles/7 miles. Doesn’t sound too bad? It was all on wicked hard and steep trails. 

Our team started at 2:30 and finished around noon the next day. The first couple of hours weren’t bad, but the torrential downpour started around midnight. And it didn’t stop for the entire rest of the race. It was my first time running through the night, I rocked this headlight like a champ. 

The rain caused the trails to flood. So bad that a lot of teams left. And if you didn’t leave, you sought shelter wherever you could. Because by the end it was kinda impossible to not be soaking wet.  

I was super thankful DryMax socks gave me some of their socks to try out for the race. They were cushioned, but kept my feet dry. No blisters, no pain! Check them out!!! 

 The trails were so bad by the end you just had to give up on time and focus on finishing. It was more like a giant slip n slide in the mud than a run! By the end I was sleep deprivd, sore, smelly, and hangry. But it was totally worth it. I am so stinkin proud to be a part of a team that didn’t quit, even when the conditions were tough! 

Problems healthy eaters understand 

You have a passion for eating healthy foods, which makes you a freak to the rest of the world.  

 When you tell people you love vegetables, they don’t believe you.


In fact, you adore even the most unpopular of them all…. Brussel sprouts  

 And trying to explain why you have no desire to eat highly processed junk food is nearly impossible  

You are the only one in your group of friends that wants the veggie lovers pizza.  

 You think hummus is yummus. 

And whole foods is like you’re freaking Mecca 

Who would spend $10 on seaweed snacks? You would. 

Chia seeds, flax, and wheat germ sound like appropriate ingredients for a smoothie to you, while your friends gag.  

 You order the salad at dinner and everyone rolls their eyes. You know this will happen. You order it anyway.

You’ve eaten black bean brownies, chocolate avocado dip, or chickpea cookie dough dip. And loved it. 

You need sufficient time in the grocery store to read food labels. So you must shop alone.

You constantly reassure others that you aren’t judging their food choices. 

“Diet” is a four letter word. I’m not on a diet, its a lifestyle, people. 

Trail Runs, Puppies, and a new challenge

Oh hey there! It’s Monday, so it’s time to his the highlight reel from the weekend (and the previous week since I haven’t blogged in a while…)

But first, a PSA from kid president.  Because every Monday should start with words from this cutie.

I got to be reunited with the best friends in the world in Austin, Texas. We drank laughed, we cried, we worked out. The usual for us.


Mid trail run we did a 12 minute workout with lunges, knee-ups, plank variations, and push-ups. We got some weird looks from dog walkers. But it reminded me of how crucial strength training is, and how I’m not doing enough of it.

Speaking of dogs, I’m still loving being a mommy to this guy.

He’s really motivating me to cross-train by giving me kisses at the bottom of every push-up.


I did something totally crazy and signed up for my first triathlon!!  I’ll be attempting to finish the Trifecta Triathlon in September. This weekend I did 27 miles on the bike….it was a struggle. I’m really glad the run is last so I can make up for my slower pace on the bike.

What did you do this weekend?

Any experienced triathletes have advice?

Five things that surprise your non-running friends 

Linking up with the fine ladies known as the DC Trifecta for a little Friday Five. The topic this week was race day surprises, so I got a little creative with it and decided to do 5 things that surprise your friends who don’t run. 

1. You can’t stay out late on the weekends because you have a long run in the morning. 

2. Your feet. They are just gross. 

 3. When you run more miles than they drive in a day 

 4. How much you can eat after a long run  

 5. On days when you can’t run, you are miserable to be around 


It’s getting hot in here 

Summer running in Texas has me like:


Like for real. Who can run outside when the high is 103? Sometimes you have to take it inside to avoid heatstroke. And then instead you are bored to death on the treadmill. 

Yesterday, the hottest day we’ve had, I was inspired to create a distraction for myself to finish out mileage on the treadmill. Here’s the workout if you want to give it a try!: 

1 mile warm up 

6 times:

  • 400 m run 
  • 10 KB swings 
  • 10 KB side dips
  • 10 KB squats 
  • 10 push-ups 
  • 10 KB sit ups 

1 mile cool down. 

You can always substitute a kettle bell for a puppy 😉   

A big fat thank you 


Over a month ago, I got really personal with the entire internet when I shared my story. I was nervous. I was scared. I was really scared I would be judged, or worse, just ignored. 

So naturally, I called and texted my friends to have them ‘like’ my Facebook status. You know, to save a little bit of face. Not that you have much face to save after spilling your guts on a blog that is self-proclaiming your craziness in the name. 

Ends up, I didn’t really need to frantically beg my friends for some Facebook approval. Because that thing blew up. And I received hundreds of comments, messages, and emails from close friends, acquaintances, people I knew from my past, and people I didn’t know at all. Thousands read my little blog, and from what I can tell, it really encouraged people. 

And let me tell you, each word meant the world to me. I wish I could give you all a really big bear hug. And for those of you who shared stories of similar pain, I wish we could sit down and share a bottle of wine (because sometimes a glass just doesn’t cut it). Even if I hadn’t heard from you in years, or if you just commented a few words… Your support meant more than you know. Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t say it enough. 

Because I think when people are breaking down, they need to know they aren’t alone. So just a side note, if you know someone going through a hard time, don’t be afraid to reach out. Yeah, it might be awkward. But I think it’s worth it. And if you’re going through a hard time, share it. We’re all riding the struggle bus called LIFE and sometimes we just need to acknowledge that we don’t have it all together. 

So whether you’re an internet friend or one of my best friends, this post is just a little thank you for encouraging me in my fight and vulnerability. You are warriors. And you are awesome. 

And to the people who have been there the past 6 months, you have proved so many people wrong. I had many tell me I would lose friends, because my situation is just crazy and awkward, and no one sticks through that stuff. Well, they didn’t know you. You’ve cried with me, put up with pity parties and angry lash-outs. You’ve given me the best advice (like not spontaneously getting a tattoo– why do we always think tattoos will make us feel better??) and kept me close to the Lord. You’ve been my sheepdogs, keeping the wolves away while I’m weak. And you haven’t let my heart become bitter or hard. Because you show me everyday that love is real and worth fighting for. 

So here’s a big fat thank you to everyone running this race of life with me. I am not the best, but you make me better. And I think the world should know that despite all the evil we see on the news everyday, good is still out there – and it wins.

And here’s your puppy fix, because he is so cute  


Weekend Update & Marathon Recovery 

So excited to be linking up with Running n’ Reading for another weekend update! I had a special man come into my life this weekend…. But first lets talk a little bit about post-marathon recovery. 

26.2 miles takes a toll, and your body needs rest. I think a lot of runners fail to view recovery days as important as hard workouts — I know I am guilty of this. Hal Higdon says it takes about 3 weeks to recover from a marathon, so it’s important to go back to running slowly. Here’s my marathon recovery do’s and Don’ts…..


  • Wear compression socks and get off your feet 
  • Foam roll for days 
  • Sit in an ice bath
  • Stretch and stretch and stretch 
  • Relax in a hot tub
  • Get great sleep 
  • Wear your medal around for days on end 
  • Brag 
  • Get a pedicure   


  • Get on a plane the night after a marathon (whoops) 
  • Sit for too long… You’ll get stiff and awkward 
  • Run too early or too fast — my first run was 4 days after my marathon and my pace was 1:30 slower than usual 
  • Forget what a bad ass you are for finishing 26.2 straight miles! 

Now for the most precious and exciting part of this blog post. Meet my main squeeze, Zeke! 


He’s just 50 days old, and I’m so in love ❤️ 
What are your marathon recovery tips? 

Do you have a four legged companions?

What did you do this weekend? 

Revel Rockies Recap

The Revel Rockies Marathon was full of ups and downs. Literally and emotionally. 

The course was said to be one of the fastest in the nation, dropping around 5,000 feet in elevation. To get to the start you had to meet at the bottom of the mountain and get bussed up to the top… And here’s where the drama began. 

Marathoners were told we had to load the busses by 4:15 to run (the race started at 6 am). When I got to the bus parking lot at 3:55, all hell had broken lose. No one knew where to go or where the busses were. Runners were jumping in random cars trying to get to the start or catch a bus. Traffic coming off the highway was ridiculous, and runners were jumping through barbed wire fences to try to load the bus. 

I was one of the lucky ones who got a bus, but many did not. Apparently the bus company only provided half of the fleet, leaving many runners out of luck.  The half marathon was basically cancelled. 

When I got on the bus it was a scary ride to the top. The driver had no idea where he was going or how to take the windy roads up to the top. We almost got in a head on collision, but luckily were saved by a savvy driver in the other vehicle. 

We got to the top at 5:55 and were told we would have a 6:20 start time. I took my time taking pictures of the view(it was GORGEOUS) and then heard someone announce that we were starting early. I had 5 minutes to throw my bag on the truck and get to the start.

 I was really thrown off, my shoes weren’t even tied! But I got to the start and enjoyed 26.2 miles of beautiful views, encouraging runners, and amazing weather. 

The course was a huge downhill for the first 7 miles, which killed my quads. I didn’t expect it to be that rough on my body, but it was! Luckily the steep angle allowed me to run a faster pace than usual, which I needed later for the uphill. 

When I realized I was going to hit my BQ, I’m not going to lie, I cried a little bit. Sometimes in life you really need a win, and this was one of those times for me. 

After the finish I heard about how many runners didn’t even get to run because of the bus issue, which made me really sad. I can’t imagine training for a race, flying in, waking up at 3 am…. All to do nothing. 

The atmosphere at the finish was definitely less than celebratory because of the mishap. 

The race company is trying to make it right by refunding all affected participants, which I think is great. But I do think they’ll need some races to prove they are reliable. I would certainly think twice before paying $100 to race in a marathon that has been cancelled before. Which is a shame because the race itself went so smoothly. I just wish everyone had a chance to experience it! 

But in happier news, I can’t wait to have a shot at running in Boston in 2016! 

Ever been a part of a huge race day mishap? 

More experienced runners: will a 3:27 be enough to get me into Boston when my BQ is a 3:35??!!?? 

I’m back! 

It’s been a while, so how about a little weekend/life update! 

I’ve been running like crazy, obviously. 

I’ve been training with Luke’s Locker Fort Worth and am so loving it. The 3 workouts a week have been giving me some really great results! I’ll give yall a sample of what our workouts look like. They are great and might have led to a PR this weekend 😉

I have added a non-running related goal to this October…!!!!!!!


This weekend I had a gorgeous getaway in Denver, Colorado. We hiked, camped, and enjoyed the fresh mountain air!


 But my most exciting update from the weekend…
I qualified for the Boston Marathon!!!!!!!!  

This weekend I had a girls getaway in Denver and ran the Revel Rockies marathon. I finished with a time of 3:27, which was a huge 9 minute PR! I’ll be doing a race recap later this week, it was a shamble of crazy. 

Thanks for reading even though I’ve been MIA! Life has been crazy.